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Here are some tips on how to do a great when shooting a wedding. I’ve compiled them from different sources. Most of them are from DPS, from different authors. Hats of to them. Here they are:

1) Create a shot list – You want to capture everything and everyone. This way you won’t forget the important shots. This is best done with the couple. You would want to ask them for shots that they really want… maybe they’ve seen something during the whole planning process and they want to copy that shot.

2) Check out the places (Scouting) – this involves two things. The place(s) where you’ll be shooting and the weather. First, check your local weather channel for the forecast for the day of the main event, with this in mind, go to the location(s). Get to know the place where you’ll go for some of the photo shoots. In your head, start planning things. Start composing your shots. Imagine how the light will be, etc… Being proactive is a good thing.

3) Prepare, prepare and be prepared – You don’t want to run out of things when you need them… have back-ups of everything. Know one or two different routes to get to a specific destination just in case there’s a tree that’s blocking the road you’re taking. You’ll never know.

4) Shoot everything and everyone – Photograph rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus etc – these help give the end album an extra dimension.

5) Two cameras are better than one – If you’re as fast as Superman then you won’t need to read this. If you’re a bit slower than him, read on. When shooting weddings, or anything where you know that your photos will be valued, always bring two cameras with you. It’s so much easier just grabbing the camera rather than changing lenses. Time to switch camera: 1 second; Time to switch lenses: more than one second. Plus it will really make you look like a pro. 🙂

6) Work with the light – Light is the single most important thing in photography. Even if you have the hottest models on earth in front of you but you don’t have light… you’re photos will suck because it’s all black. That’s why it’s important to have light and know how to work with it.

7) Shoot RAW – shooting RAW instead of JPG will save your little behind in more ways than you can spell Mississippi. With RAW you can fix or edit pretty much everything without destroying the file itself. You can’t do that with JPG.

8) Go up and down and side to side – Don’t just stand there and take the shot. Change your perspective! Shoot low, shoot from a tree, shoot from the roof, shoot from the outside, shoot from the inside. You’ll be amaze how changing your perspective affects your shots.

9) Have fun – You’re not in a funeral (unless you really are – still have fun, just don’t show them you are having fun.). People tend to be shy in front of the camera. Show them that your camera doesn’t bite. Show them that you are relaxed, and you are there having a good time just like them. Don’t be too demanding, ask but don’t demand. Show them your pearly whites and they’ll show you yours.


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